Antilia is the first concept-exhibition in which we renovated a vaulted residential space, the so-called sottano, located at the edge of the old town centre of Gioia del Colle. It used to be a modest single-space house, which was transformed for twelve months in an exhibition venue populated with drawings, collages, photography, sculptures by international authors. Antilia told stories of conquest and legends, a journey through mythology in a sixty square meters island.

Massimiliano Cafagna, Fabio Cappello, Ermanno Cavaliere, Tiziano De Venuto, John Gatip, Domenico Pastore, Francesco Romanelli, Loris Rossi, Matteo Signorelli, Davide Trabucco, Dorian Tytymce
Via F. Pugliese, Gioia del Colle
Fabiana Dicuonzo, Giuseppe Resta
exhibition design
PROFFERLO architecture
graphic design