Produced in collaboration with the visual artist Francesco Romanelli, Automaticlevelcontrol is an audio and visual installation that narrates the polyphonic territory of Gioia del Colle. The landscape of sounds merges a number of soundtracks recorded and played on a Sanyo M138, twelve urban explorations during a sunny Sunday. The exhibition is designed with a series of metal shelvings arranged in the foyer of “Rossini” theatre in Gioia del Colle.
Teatro Rossini, Gioia del Colle
Fabiana Dicuonzo, Giuseppe Resta
21st international music competition Pietro Argento
exhibition team
Giulia Gazza, Jingjing Feng, Milena Mele, Domenico Donvito, Filippo Linzalata, Fabio Cappello, Angelica Montenegro, Giuseppe Borreggine, Gianvito Caputo