‘Don’t Try This At Home’ is a widespread group show spurred from the global impact of Covid-19. It brings together contributions from an international group of artists that explored the idea of artistic domesticity within their quarantine space.

The room/house, as a paradigm of the human micro and macrocosm, has become the sole space of action due to the Covid-19 pandemic that caused worldwide lockdowns and isolation. The domestic space has become a vital impulse in generating creativity during the darkest of times. Thus, the private place par excellance becomes the performative domain of our ordinary daily routine.

Antilia invited the contributors to challenge their innermost living situation in order to transform it into a space for artistic interaction. The same space will also investigate, discover and re-define the domestic field as an exhibition venue. Our preconception of privacy in the past will have a spatial and aesthetic transformation in order to embrace visitors’ intrusions as welcomed visits.

Rather than focusing on the what has become daily monotony, we would like to treat our condition of forced quarantine as a possible field of experimentation of the interior landscape, ordinary life and expectations, mental breakdown, threshold of inside/outside, lack of physical contact and informatization of sociality.

Each artist aims at an original way to exhibit his/her art from home, literally a homemade exhibition set. Visitors will peek at their diorama by discovering the thin threshold between artistic research and personal life.

‘Don’t Try This At Home’ will exhibit pictures, videos, and essays on-line, on Instagram and Facebook.


CHIAOZZA – Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (United States)

Dessislava Madanska (Sweden)

Esther Hoogendijk (Netherlands)

Francesco Romanelli (Italy)

Giulia Gazza (Italy)

Giulio Bensasson (Italy)

John Gatip (Australia)

Jiří Kamenskich (Czech Republic)

Kickie Chudikova (United States)

Mary Cinque (Italy)

Materia Ordinaria (Italy)

Rebecca Reeve (United States)

Sofia Pera + Miguel Seabra (Portugal)

Webson Ji (United States)

Yuli Sung (South Korea)

Cécile Angelini, curator
Gabriella Sá, curator

Project curated by
ANTILIA – itinerant gallery

Fabiana Dicuonzo
Giuseppe Resta

Graphic Design
Gökçe Varlı

April 18, 2020